quote their customer care is brilliant as they are willing 
 to help us with any aspect of our businessquote 


We decided to start a business providing e-learning for the construction industry and spent some time researching possible providers. We settled on a couple and then undertook market research with Clients of our existing business (managing the training and development for construction companies) by showing them both products. From their reaction, we went with Safety Business Learning, launched our offering in May 2013 and have not regretted it.

SBL are extremely competitive with their prices and their customer care is brilliant as they are willing to help us with any aspect of our business. The quality and impact of their videos is something that just about every Client or potential Client comments on and so ‘selling’ the actual courses is made that much easier.

We have gone into this with an investment that is running at about £25,000 in staff, marketing and purchase of courses and it is already paying off. Our partnership is a real partnership and Andy Wilson and Satnam Gill are not just helpful in a reactive way but are happy to be pro-active and make suggestions to increase our business. Long may this partnership last!

Tony Willson
Managing Director
Helmsman Services



 quoteUsing Safety-TV has been refreshingly easy 
 to implement and control quote 


Using Safety-TV has been refreshingly easy to implement and control, the information it gives me enables me to tailor my training requirements to suit my business and target the training where it is most required. The full suite of Elearning modules are structured to be relevant to the needs of industry and helps me deliver the correct level of training to my workforce.

The feedback I have received from the workforce is that the learning enjoyable, the questions within the modules are challenging but relevant. The support network that Safety Business Learning offer is second to none and nothing is too much trouble, they really helped me through the implementation stages meaning that the introduction was smooth and seamless.

Neil Richard Land
Health and Safety Manager
Stelrad UK